Who we are

FSF is a dynamic company for those with a projection in the field of football. Our communication is close and professional. We seek to generate in our users self-confidence and evolve in their career.


Simply said, just two friends passionate for football, who share many ideas related to football and really wanted to put them into practice and do something together. 

RRoberto Carlos Alcalá, with a lot of experience at international level in different countries, among which was also working in the structure of Barça at the international level as director and deputy director of its academies. He was the one who had the idea to implement here in Elche, his hometown, the knowledge, ideas, and experience lived through out his trajectory. And to do that he had the help of his friend Gustavo Pomares who has a lot of experience both as a coach and football trainer in clubs such as C.D Eldense, La Nucia CF, CF Atco Benidorm, among many others, in addition to his experience as a businessman. 

Together they embarked on a common path combining ideas from both, starting from the bottom, with humility, without resources or help, with many hours of unpaid work, making mistakes and learning from them. This is how Feel Spanish Football is what it is today, a service company that tries to help football professionals with their needs in this area. 

Day by day we grow and become better, with the sole objective of helping by sharing knowledge.