Collaborate with us

Do you want to collaborate?

If you are a sports company, committed to sports, a club, an academy, a representative and or professional agent from wherever you are in the world and you have a collaboration proposal or want to send us your resume, do not hesitate to contact us using this form. We will be happy to meet you, collaborate and help each other.

You are what we are looking for!

We have special agreements with FOOTBALL AGENCIES to prepare their clients, both in the language English or Spanish as well as our High Performance program, to improve their individual football skills and abilities.

For FOOTBALL CLUBS and ACADEMIES, we set up personalised agreements according to your needs, taking into account that we have a portfolio of coaches, physical trainers, goalkeeper coaches and international players that can be linked to your club.

If you are a COMPANY ASSOCIATED OR COMMITTED TO FOOTBALL, we can look for ways for you to participate in our project through agreements, sponsorships, etc.

And for you, FOOTBALL PROFESSIONAL, send us your CV if you are interested in working with us as a language teacher, coach, PF, EDP, or as a collaborator from the country you are in or where you have strong contacts.